Friday, September 12, 2014

Less than 2 months - Savannah Marathon 26.2!

Wow, time is flying. I cannot believe it is already September! The marathon is just under 2 months away and I am definitely feeling the pressure. My husband decided to do the 1/2 marathon rather than the full, so now the pressure is really on me. I have to beat last years time, and have not been speed training at all! I have just been planning on running it with him, at his pace. Eek! My goal is under 4 hours, but I will be happy beating last years time of 4:16:32. Same course, hopefully better training. I can't believe i have 6 weeks left before my taper. I better seriously make these next few weeks count! My longest  run so far has been 17 miles (but I got a break at mile 14). I need to start planning more long runs again. Working 5 nights a week has been a hard adjustment with my training schedule. I get to bed after midnight most night and am up with the kids at 6 to get them ready for school. Makes squeezing long runs in more difficult, and the lack of sleep doesn't help either!

I. Am. Crazy.

Reading my blog from last year, I am reminding myself "ignore everything from the waist down" and "you've got this". I am going to continue on trusting my training, and strong-willed perseverance to know that I will succeed again. Scary, but doable  :)

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