Sunday, February 15, 2015

Race of the Runways 5k ~Race Recap

5K Race of the Runways - Flagler Beach Rotary Club

I had a chance to "race the runway" at Flagler County Airport. It was a fast flat course along the actual Flagler Beach Airport runway and taxiway. We were entertained by helicopters and planes flying above us during the race. it was an open space, with extra wide turns and was well staffed. They had 1 water station at the half way point (which I never use during a 5k, but it is nice to know it's there if I had needed it).

I worked late Friday night, after a very long work week and was beat. I arrived at the airport around 8am on the very frigid Saturday morning. I didn't "feel" like running, but since I paid for it, and an FCR friend went out of their way to pick up my packet and drop it off at my work for me on Friday night, I figured I better be there and run.

They were very well organized with tons of pre/post race food items (bagels with PB or cream cheese, fresh sliced fruit, nutri-grain bars, water and juice). We started right on time (1 minute late, but that's on time for a race event! haha). We took off and ran almost 3 miles of the 3.1 on the runway. They had a bunch of the planes out lined up and down the runway. It was also cool being able to see how many people were ahead of you (because it was basically 1 large loop). I ran most of the race next to the older guy again (I ran Waterfront with him and got my sub-24 PR). I found out after the race he is an FCR friends dad! So funny!

I came in at 23:44 (the exact same time I had for my last 5k). I didn't give it my all which bums me out a little because I think I would've come in a few seconds faster and got a new PR. Oh well, next time ;)  I got 2nd in my age division, the metal was a little airplane with a spinning propeller. Pretty sweet! My son loves the tech-shirt and metal, he tried to steal them... haha.

Overall it was a great race, I look forward to it next year, hopefully it won't be so darn cold though!

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