Monday, November 21, 2016

6 hour Charity Race for the Guardian Ad Litem Foundation

6 hour Charity Race
The trails at Princess Place

Race:  6 hour Charity Race for the Florida Guardian Ad Litem Foundation
Date: November 20th, 2016
Finish Time: 2 hours, 48 minutes
Distance: 15 miles/
Overall Total Climb: 653 ft
Elevation gain: 36 ft

I heard about this "free race" a few months ago via a facebook event. It was local and was raising money for a good cause, and free! How can you pass that up? This was my first event of this type, and it was so much fun! I didn't get nearly as many miles as I would have if it were an "official event" but my goodness it was the most fun I have had at a race event ever. My kids came out and hung out for the last hour or so riding their bikes on the trails, climbing trees, and playing in the dirt. It was amazing. The perfect Sunday. So about the event. 

It was a 6 hour endurance run to benefit The Florida Statewide Guardian Ad Litem Foundation.
"It will be held Sunday November 20th at Princess Place Preserve in Flagler County from 10:30am-4:40m. (Park closes at 6pm). Preserve Map
There will be NO entry fee, swag, prizes nor signup page. Entry into the Preserve is FREE. Participants (virtual participants are welcome) will start their GPS device of choice and when they are finished, if folks could consider $1/mile (or more) as a donation to the Ad Litem Foundation. There is no requirement to finish the entire 6 hours. This is open to anyone and is not an official race.
This is only for charity, I am covering all costs, like mandatory insurance, permits, logistics etc. I'm only asking you come, see this amazing place and be open to learning how our children, OUR future is at risk. If you can't afford to donate, then bring your grandma's recipe cards. If it's a far drive, do it "virtually" and send the Foundation your donation. It would be great if virtual donation participants were more than attendees."

I headed toward the beautiful trails around 11am to get some miles in. I originally planned on attempting 20+ on the trails, but knew this was a bit ambitious and would really depend on how early my husband brought my kiddos out. I wanted my kids to experience "the trails" so once they came, I finished up and played with them :) Some friends came out for the day as well and we all ran off and on together. There are a ton of trails out there at Princess Place in Palm Coast, we only ran loops around one of them but I am already planning my next trip out to run more of them! The 3 mile loop we ran took us out around a beautiful empty house nestled in the center of a forest of amazing climbing trees. Then onto the "Eagle Nest viewing loop", then by the lodge and back to the Pavilion where we started. 

Most of the trail was packed sand/dirt, there were a few short stretches of soft sand but not rocks, roots or high grass to run through. It was about 40% shaded, but a beautiful cool day! The Eagle nest we spotted was huge and weighed an estimated 1500+ pounds! I ended up getting in 15 miles which wasn't bad since I ran 13.1 the day before. Put my week at 61 miles and that is my "recovery week" following the Azalea 40 miles I did last weekend! 100 mile training is real, and happening every week!

Apparently we raised over $500 at this very small, not advertised event. I hear they are holding a "part 2" in the spring and you bet your boots I will be there! Not only do I want to explore more trails out here, but what a great cause this was, and again, so much fun. I got to meet a lot of new people, as well as see a lot of familiar faces, and run with some of the people I love most! It was a glorious Sunday!My kids got to ride their bike, see a ton of armadillo, climb trees, play in the dirt, run the trails, and see what it's like to be apart of a good thing
My oldest "monkey" in the trees

Passing through for another loop!

Oh goodness they're so cute
Pipes to see the nest
Also just a side note, as always when running these beautiful trails and playing outside, please be aware of tics and check yourself. They like those cracks and crevices like the lining of your shorts, where your sports bra hits, back of your neck and hair line, arm pits  ect... Lyme disease is no joke and you have to be aware when out on the trails. Check yourself, then check again!

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