Saturday, November 29, 2014

Feet to Feast 15k Results

I am wondering, how many friends participated in a Turkey Trot of some form on Thanksgiving? It's been a wonderful new tradition for me the past 3 years participating in a local turkey run. What races do you run? What distance? Is thanksgiving a fun run or serious for you?

This year was "Feet to Feast" which offers a 5k and a 15k. My in-laws are in town, and they completed their very first ever 5k that morning. #soproud They finished in under their estimated time too. I love watching my family be healthy, little things like this make my heart happy.

Now down to business. The 15k. Wow. It was rough for me! The morning was cold which makes me ache like crazy. The race started,  I took off pretty fast because there weren't a lot of runners so naturally I was trying to stay with the crowd that was near me. My goal was 9 minute average finishing around 85 minutes. By mile 2 I was spent. I was struggling and ready to turn around and just join the 5k (too bad the route we were running made that not an option...). Checking my watch I realize I ran mile 1 at 7:43.. No wonder I was struggling. The next several miles I turned my watch off, I decided if I was going to  finish this I needed to focus on running, not my time or distance. I made it a point to wish people luck as they passed me, to look around at my surroundings, and constantly remind myself of all the things I love about running. Just going out for a run with no time or distance restraints felt amazing. I listened to my body, focused on my breathing and my foot rhythm. Once I finally crossed the finish line, the clock said 1:25:10.  I finished in 85 minutes, my goal. I couldn't believe it.

Physically it was rough, but mentally it was exactly what I needed. I ended up taking 4th place in my division, so no medal this year, but I am so grateful for this race.

Hope everyone had a safe holiday weekend. Happy Thanksgiving from my crazy family to yours.


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