Monday, July 21, 2014

Week 2 complete!

Marathon Training (4 hour goal, PR) week 2 completed this morning with a 10 mile run. Average pace was 8:58 (not bad with the heat and humidity lol). I probably could've pushed a little harder... but I'll save that for my shorter speed runs :)

Week 2  
Day 1- 5k  (hills)
Day 2- 5 miles
Day 3- REST
Day 4- 5 miles
Day 5- 5k  (speed work, fast intervals)
Day 6- REST
Day  7- 10 miles (marathon pace of 9:07 or faster)

COMPLETE! Woot woot! So glad I completed it, 26.2 miles total. Moving into week 3 (which is an easy week) and am as motivated and pumped as ever. My husband who is training with me ran his first 8 mile run this weekend. Yes, I said he ran 8 MILES! I am soooo proud of him. He is staying consistent altering the schedule just a little around his work schedule as needed, but that's expected. He is feeling so much pride in accomplishing it, it makes me so happy!

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