Wednesday, February 10, 2016

NordiTrack X15i Treadmill Review

I am training for my first 50 mile race (Palm Bluff Margaritas and Manure). I have a pretty crazy life working as a full-time mom of 3 young kids who does all the cooking, cleaning, homework help. I work outside of the home as a Bartender and for The Color Run series. I also have Lyme disease and when I have a flare it makes it really hard to drag myself out the door to run. It often makes it hard to pull myself out of bed. All that to say, I have decided to take on my first 50 miler. Something I always said I would attempt after I was 40 years old because by that time my life should be less crazy, my kids will be older, and I could set aside specific time for "training". I guess I like the challenge because I have now registered for one on May 1.

My husband, the most amazing man ever, has bought me a new treadmill to aid to my training. I am doing most of my runs outside on trails but some days running outside just isn't an option because of my work schedule (late nights and early mornings), babysitting, heat or being far too cold for my Florida-thinned blood.

Let's get down to it, after a TON of research we decided on the NordicTrack X15i Incline Trainer.

Quick Treadmill Spec Highlights:






WARRANTY- Lifetime Frame, Motor & Deck Warranty, 6-Year Parts & Electronics Warranty, 3-Year Labor Warranty

This treadmill has allowed me to create running routes anywhere in the world to run. This morning I ran a route in my hometown in Southern Oregon, yesterday I ran through Savannah Ga, the day before the countryside in the Philippians. This is possible using the iFit® technology. Track your progress, replicate real-life runs with Google Maps™ - complete with Street View, train with Jillian Michaels, and custom-tailor your workouts to your specific goals.
*Requires an iFit® membership, which is sold separately. 

The tv screen works great, I hook it up to my dvd player to use Netflix, my cable box to watch live tv, and even my laptop so I can stream Hulu! The treadmill has a 2nd set of handles for when you are using the incline (very handy). The sound is great using both the tv and the music provided, and it has a spot to plug your ipod/mp3 player right into the treadmill. There are so many video options and map routes to run, your options are endless. I want to be on it constantly so I can run all the different routes! There is a great community page if you purchase iFit where people map and share their workouts. It's been fun browsing that page and seeing what other people are doing. 

The treadmill has a powerful motor with a lifetime warranty, a 22 x 60 two-ply tread belt which is so quiet when I'm running on it. The belt has a 6 year warranty. The heart rate monitor included is very accurate and comfortable. I have been enjoying learning how to run using my target heart rates for each run. The treadmill weighs 500 lbs (and was a lot of work to get it up stairs). It is so heavy duty and I believe it is built to last!
Nice run through the countryside in the Philippians. Crazy
high elevation change on this run hitting 25% inclines and
-6% decline running up and down the mountain. 
This shows the 15" tv screen (on top)
and the 10" treadmill display
showing results from a workout
I just completed.

I only have a few negatives about the treadmill so far and they really are so minor. #1 is the TV screen is not height adjustable. I feel like it is set up just a little high for me (I'm about 5'4"... almost). #2 The Fans. I can't really feel the fan when it is on? Not sure if it's a directional thing or what but the fans (yes there are 2) seem kind of worthless since they don't blow on me when they're on. #3 Using  the decline. When using the decline the treadmill limits your speed. So when at a -6% decline it only allows me to run 6 mph - 10 minute miles. I understand the safety features of this but it is frustrating because when running hills the downhill is where you get to makeup time. Unfortunately on the treadmill it doesn't work quite like that. Lastly #4 the price. I feel like this treadmill was very expensive. It was a difficult commitment to purchase this treadmill because it was so expensive, we got lucky and they were running a deal when we bought it (list price is $4,499 and we paid $3,000 plus tax). 

With all that said, I am IN LOVE with this machine. I am so excited to have an indoor running option to help me get my miles in when I can't head outside, and have not been bored on a run yet! I will try to get some pictures of myself and my husband on the treadmill to give you an idea of it's size. 


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