Friday, February 26, 2016

Achilles Problems... and solutions I hope!

Remember back on my post from the Mississippi Marathon (See it here) when I mentioned cracking my ankle? Well, as it turns out I did a lot more than that. I realized when I ran the 26.2 with Donna (see here) it was not just sore, that I had actually injured it. I made an appointment with a Sports Medicine Doctor (on Monday 01/22) and after seeing my x-rays he ordered an MRI and Physical Therapy. 
He also told me that I cannot wear flip flops or sandals (umm hello, I live in Florida!) and absolutely NO RUNNING until he received my MRI results. I told him that wasn't an option, and explained my current training plan and how important it is for me to stick with it. I am so worried that I will not finish my 50 mile race (mentally) if I don't have a set "training plan" that I stuck with to fall back on. I know one week isn't going to make or break my training physically, but mentally I need to know I followed a plan and didn't miss work outs. I think that will help me stay positive and "sure" and give me the ability to finish. He promised me (depending on my MRI) he would have my ready for my race if I trusted him. That is so hard to do. 

Physical Therapy Room,
just like on tv!
On Wednesday 01/24 I had my first round of physical therapy. Oh my gosh it was intense! We started with a really hard massage on my calf. I have a bruise to prove how much it hurt! After that she had me do a bunch of exercises to fatigue my legs/hips. Using a resistance band and weighted ankles I spent 40 minutes or so just exercising my hips. Goodness they are so sore. After that she put me on a treadmill to run while she and 2 other physical therapists analyzed me. I was able to run a couple miles at a descent pace (yay for running!) but it was so awkward having them all standing around me watching my every move (literally)! Once they decided I was done, they hit the stop button and had me get off. They told me a few things about my running form which was really cool. They said #1 I run like a sprinter. They said I swing my arms quite a bit using my whole body as momentum for running which is great for shorter distances but not good for marathon running. On that same topic of sprinter form #2 they also said I cross my feet almost over each other in the front. My knees almost hit each other (sometimes they do) because I cross them so closely in front of me. #3 My stride for each leg is very different. I stretch very far with my left foot and my right foot just kind of steps down (about half of my stride). They feel I use my right foot for all the push off (favoring it due to my injury we assume) and just glide off my left. Let me just say, those are NOT easy things to just "correct".

They had me do some foot work/agility after that. They said working on my agility will help with my balance and in turn all that would help with my form... I did some fancy footwork with a ladder on the floor for 15-20 minutes, then got to sit in a cozy chair for 10 minutes with ice on my legs. After the timer went off they taped my sore foot up, and sent me off! My hips are pretty sore from PT, I am excited but not excited to go again on Friday.
Lots of taping during my
PT sessions. Trying different
methods to see what will
work for me.

I had my MRI this morning (Thursday 02/25), that was a really uncomfortable experience. It is so hard to stay perfectly still for 15 minutes! Haha! My results were faxed to my PT and DR so I'm hoping my Physical Therapist will give me some incite tomorrow morning so I don't have to wait until my DR appt Monday. I have a 20 mile run scheduled for Saturday that I would really love to do without feeling super guilty the whole time... I guess we will see!

To Be Continued...

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