Sunday, January 4, 2015

Logging more miles for a faster Marathon

I recently read an article that stated "runners with more training miles finish marathons faster". I thought it was an interesting concept. The theory is "you get out, what you put in" and because you are more used to running on tired legs. Runkeeper and Runnersworld partnered up to do this study and they discovered the numbers were all pretty consistent with their theory.My numbers happen to match up perfectly within their chart on my average weekly miles compared with my finish times for each marathon.
With that said they also have found that the percentage of finishers is higher at any given time for marathoners who have logged more mileage. That seems like common sense to me, but maybe not. If I didn't have the "don't quit never quit" stubbornness there are several times I might have quit. Maybe having more miles helps you not hit that "wall" as hard, or you learn to push through when you are tired.
I am hoping that by upping my weekly miles, it will help me not hate those last 8-10 miles quite so much. I seem to "zonk" around mile 18, and hate every mile after that. Every marathon that I have finished I've said "I'm done doing marathons for awhile, I am going to switch to half marathons" because I am so miserable. My goal is going to be to run 35-40 miles a week for the next 2 weeks, then marathon week I will cut it way down. See if I can do anything to increase my speed for Miami 01/25. Weather is going to make a huge impact and I realize that, but I'm hoping I won't be quite so miserable toward the end. With that said, I am a little worried that more mileage isn't ALWAYS better. Doing too much too soon can often cause injury. I am a little nervous about increasing my mileage so much so fast because I don't want to get hurt.

What are your weekly miles while marathon training? How do they affect your finish times according to the chart above? Was it accurate for you?

Upcoming Races:
Jan 24 Waterfront 5k/10 miles
Jan 25 Miami Marathon 
Jan31 Warrior Dash
Feb 15 Donna 1/2 marathon
March 14 Gate River 15k Jacksonville
Mar 29 Tomoka Marathon ad 1/2

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