Saturday, July 1, 2017

Wiivv insole 6-month update

I have now been wearing my Wiivv insoles for almost 6 months and I am loving them. I am currently wearing Wiivv 3/4 insoles in my work shoes, and full length insoles in my running shoes (with roughly 800 miles on the full length pair). I have noticed a tremendous decrease in overall foot fatigue and reduced arch/ankle pain associated with my tendinitis. Greatest thing is, I have had ZERO pain or discomfort from my Achilles tendon (which I tore last winter) after switching to Wiivv insoles. I still do my PT exercises to keep my hips and tendons strong and healthy, but before I received my Wiivv insoles, I was still experiencing bouts of pain and discomfort surrounding my Achilles injury. No more Pain!

I highly recommend these insoles for runners, but I also believe so many people can benefit from these custom printed insoles. Anyone who is on their feet for any amount of time (doctors, nurses, teachers, servers, bartenders ect). Also if anyone has plantar fasciitis, tendinitis or another ailment such as that.

I am sold that these insoles work, and I am so excited to go into this next training season with my Wiivv insoles. As my miles have started increasing I have noticed how good my feet are feeling. That is exciting! I have some big races coming up this fall including one 50k, three 12 hour endurance races (where I'm hoping to get 40-60 miles at each), and getting ready for my next 100 miler in January 2018... and reaching for that sub-24 hours finish 😍 Excited to have my Wiivvs with me through this next season!

Let's talk money, Insoles are $60-$80 *without using my 20% off discount*. I feel like they hit a sweet spot in the price to value ratio, because you couldn't get custom orthotics for that price anywhere else. I was skeptical at first that these would work, especially just by taking pictures of my feet would work, but I'm very happy with the final product.

DISCOUNT CODE: ToniY20 for 20% off your purchase

Now, just in time for summer, they have released custom printed insole SANDALS. I cannot wait to get my hands on a pair of these!

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