Monday, January 30, 2017

Wiivv insoles

Riding in the New Year with Wiivv Insoles...

"Riding in the new year..."
After running Long Haul 100 a few weeks ago, I learned I was selected as one of the first ambassadors for Wiivv. Wiivv is a company that makes 3D-printed insoles designed to prevent foot injuries and fatigue for runners, athletes, and anyone on their feet a lot. Being a runner who tore their Achilles once already, and someone who is on my feet all day every day I cannot express my excitement to support this company, and have the support OF this company. It is also super cool being able to order custom made, 3D printed insoles just for me, from the comfort of my own home is pretty neat.

The great outdoors never stop being great #KeepGoing
I tore my Achilles last January and after months of physical therapy (which I continue my exercises at home daily to keep strengthening my Achilles and hips). I am anxious and excited to try out these insoles which they claim helps with Shin Splints, Achilles Tendonitis, Plantar Fascitiis, and Runners Knee. 8 out of 10 people experiencing some sort of foot fatigue found relief after using Wiivv Base insoles. Base insoles were also seen to significantly reduce joint load on knees and hips at 30% gait cycle when the foot is fully loaded. Wiivv's initial Beta Tests have also seen the reduction of symptoms in plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis and flat feet... Wow! All of this may translate to reduced injuries and increased performance in endurance activities... I guess we will have to wait and see. I cannot express my excitement to be involved with the launch of this company, even on such a small level as an Ambassador.

Strength comes from within #keepgoing
In addition to all the other great things listed above the Wiivv insoles are supposed to help with, they are also engineered to maximize comfort, promote alignment and lesson fatigue. Your pair of Base insoles will closely follow your unique foot curves to give you support and stability that you need to keep on going. #keepgoing If that wasn't amazing enough, the top layer is made from 92% plastic bottles and moisture wicking material. They have been designed for increased comfort while out on those long runs #ultrarunner

I'll be putting these insoles to the test this year with a lot of big races on my plate. Looking forward to see how things pan out! These insoles are said to last 9-12 months on average, my current insoles are replaced every 3 months or so. Use my discount and receive 20% off your purchase of Wiivv Insoles!
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 I'll keep everyone updated on how much I love them, and my experiences with them!

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