Wednesday, March 30, 2016

50 mile ultra training & Achilles Progress

You can see the "bumps" along my Achilles, should
be pretty flat but I have lumps along it. Still
healing, but is so much better than it was!
Just a quick update. My Achilles is still a pain in my -you know what- but is (slowly) getting better and better. I am now running 15-18 miles for my long runs without any pain or soreness but with PT they are still recommending I not do any longer. I have been averaging 45 miles per week (mpw) reaching into the low 50's lately. I am hoping to get one 30 mile run in before my taper, but also trying to listen carefully to what the doctors and physical therapists are recommending for my best recovery. I may not be getting my super long runs in back to back each week but I am hitting my minimum weekly miles, PLUS 3-4 hours of strength training in at PT each week all geared towards strengthening my hips and perfecting my running form. I feel like that really counts for more than a few miles. I guess we will see. I can't believe my race is in 4 1/2 weeks! EEK! I have 2 1/2 more weeks of higher mileage than 2 weeks to taper. Oh. My. GAWD. Less than 5 weeks? Where does time go?

Icing down after PT. My ladder
fully extended still taunting
me after a really hard workout!
I am doing a lot of new things in PT now getting myself ready for my race. This week they have me running 1 minute and walking 1 minute in intervals. They said it is supposed to help with my basic biomechanics for running? So much work on my hips and calves, also with balance and core strength. They also have me doing ladder work with a resistance band - 5 reps back and forth then jump on to the treadmill at 6mph (10 min miles) for 2 minutes, then another 5 reps, then back to the treadmill. I did that for about an hour today! No pain or soreness.
On the ladder today I had a
resistance belt attached to
my back so I was pulling it
while running through my
ladder drills.

The physical therapists said I need to focus on leaning forward just a little while running to take some of the strain off my calves and ankles. Also to better incorporate my larger muscle groups (hips and thighs). My footwork has improved so much since the beginning of PT.

I have a 30 mile run I'm hoping to get in next week, then I'll begin to taper! I'm hoping everything works itself out. I am getting pretty nervous. I am grateful I have some amazing supportive running friends who will be at my race supporting me and even running portions of it with me.

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