Thursday, November 15, 2012

Broccoli Bites

So I wanted to make something different for dinner, make a vegetable a little more "fun" for the kids. I came across this recipe for Broccoli Bites and what a great treat they were! Obviously I wouldn't serve these all the time, but they were a nice change for the side dish. It was kind've a way of combining the vegetable with a starch. A healthier starch option! LOL. Anyway, long story short... get your kids in the kitchen helping you make these... try them out - they were delicious!

Broccoli Cheese Bites (adapted from My Tasty Treasures &
16 oz. chopped broccoli (I used fresh steamed broccoli, it holds together better than raw)
1 1/2 cup of grated cheddar cheese
2 eggs & 1 egg white
1 cup of Panko Breadcrumbs or seasoned Italian breadcrumbs
1tbls Minced garlic
Basil, Parsley, garlic powder & pepper

1) Mix all the ingredients together in a large bowl.
2) With your hands, form small patties and lay on a parchment lined baking sheet.
3) Bake at 375F for 25 minutes, turning the patties after the first 15 minutes.

Let cool and enjoy!

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