Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Dr Seuss Baby Shower

So my baby shower was actually in October but I'm finally getting around to updating my blog :/ Life is amazing but crazy! Wanted to share my themed babyshower pictures with everyone, it turned out AMAZING! My sister and I made almost all the decorations, and had Dr Seuss quotes printed out all around the house.

We had Dr Seuss themed food (which was my favorite part, so cute!) Green Eggs & Ham, Truffula Fruit, 3 Cheese Trees, Yinks Pink Ink Drink (Pink Lemonaid), ABC Cookies (sugar cookies with B's for BOY), Thing 1 & Thing 2 Cupcakes, One Fish Two Fish (not all red and blue fish) multi colored goldfish crackers, Yertles Turtles, Hop on Pop (corn), Cat in the Hat Veggie Tray...

We made Lorax Trees to go all over the house, a "Dr Seuss Book Chandelier", we even had our game theme based on guessing how many fish were in the jar. It was simply amazing.

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