Friday, June 18, 2010

One more.

I read this artical today about "the Power of One" which can mean SO many different things. In this instance they were talking about you having the power for one more repetition in weights, or one more lap in running. It's all about choice. Your choice. Sometimes I think we put so much emphasis on how hard everything is, we forget that it's ultimatley about our choices. My mom always reminds me when we're running and I'm tired to change my mindset. If I am lagging and my legs are tired at mile 4 of 8, she reminds me "we're already half way" not "OMG we're only half way". Once you start changing things, everything seams a little better. A little easier.

When running the track (which are 1/4 mile laps) think about what your accomplishing while running, not how much farther you HAVE to go. Give one more than you normally do, one more than you feel physically capabale of doing. Whether it's one more lap, one more mile, one more minute of running... Thats when you'll see progress, that's when you really feel good, thats when you go above and beyond your own expectations of yourself. That's a powerful feeling.

One more rep.
One more set.
One more lap.
One more mile.
One more glass of water.
One level higher on the stairmill.
One more minute on the treadmill.
One more song before the end of your workout.

YOU have the power.
Little changes, just doing that ONE extra thing doesn't seem like much when you think about it, and that's why it works. Change your mindset.
"What one thing can you do to move one step closer to reaching your goals?"
(quoted from fitness&spice blog "the Power of One")

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